ClinPro Trials

A Premier Global CRO that partners with you

“From Concept to Commercialisation”

Why Partner with ClinPro Trials?

ClinPro Trials is located in the Biotech Hotbed of the globe!

San Francisco Bay area is billed as “the critical innovation hotbed” for both life sciences and technology. Most CROs in the US are located in the Midwest or the East Coast, which contributes to time lapses in quality service and responses for sponsors located on the West Coast. ClinPro Trials is headquartered in San Francisco which is in the middle of the biotech capital of the world. For the past 40 years, San Francisco Bay area has been committed to innovation and a strong supporter of the biotech industry. Northern California claims the largest cluster of biotech companies in the nation known as “Biotech Bay.” The Bay Area is home to thousands of life science and biopharma companies, and ClinPro Trials in the middle of it, ready to enable you to accelerate the growth of your portfolio of innovative products to deliver better health outcomes for patients around the world. We can be at your site in less than a day for face to face meetings. We look forward to being your full service CRO partner and to participate in one of the most vibrant scientific ecosystems in the world.

ClinPro Trials delivers results! We partner with emerging, small and mid-sized biopharma to help them realise their clinical development and regulatory successes. ClinPro Trials is an impactful Clinical Research Organization (CRO) and a committed partner that will guide you through the complexities of the clinical development and regulatory submission process. We offer clinical research services “From Concept to Commercialisation” Whereas, other CROs exit at the end of Phase 3 and leaves the sponsor to navigate the preparation, and hosting of the regulatory inspection, we will continue to partner closely with with you to assist you in preparing for your pre-approval inspection and in helping you host it.

ClinPro Trials impart strategic decision-making and operational support for your clinical trials and regulatory submission projects by truly creative, innovative and scientific thinkers. There is no “one size fits all” approach to clinical research. Our team partner with you to understand your goals in order to plan and execute your clinical program(s) to achieve success. And, we truly want to make a difference to help you get your medical therapy(ies) to market in order to improve or save people’s lives.