ClinPro Trials

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“From Concept to Commercialisation”

About us

ClinPro Trials is a Global Clinical Research organisation that can work seamlessly to provide customisable solutions for emerging, small and mid-sized biopharma firms. ClinPro Trials has the ability to deliver integrated end-to-end solutions from concept to commercialisation to create new paths for our clients to develop and commercialise their therapies.

We are committed to building true partnerships with our clients and firmly believe that you are not just another client account, but a biopharma organisation on the cusp of delivering life changing therapies to patients. ClinPro Trials will collaborate with you to provide the operational, scientific, functional expertise required to conduct your clinical trial from start to finish, and guide you through the regulatory inspection process as well.

Corporate History Background

GXP CONSULTING a premier consulting firm which provides global clinical compliance and inspection readiness to clients across the globe, identified the need to provide CRO services to emerging, small and mid-size biopharma firms. GXP CONSULTING began as a consulting firm in 2010 which was focused on providing inspection readiness and clinical compliance activities to enable its biopharma clients to prepare for and pass clinical regulatory inspections or to remediate clinical inspections that were not sucessful. However, it was observed that the lacklustre service that was provided by most CROs resulted in the sponsors having difficulties during their clinical regulatory inspections which often resulted in regulatory actions being levied against the sponsors. Most CROs are either lacking in clinical expertise or they overpromise then fail to deliver on essential clinical trial research services, which leaves the sponsor in an untenable position during regulatory inspections. As a result, several clients requested ClinPro Trials to become an organisation that can offer clinical trial expertise in addition to Inspection Readiness and Regulatory Support for sponsors. Therefore, ClinPro Trials was derived from GXP CONSULTING and it is an end-to-end full service Clinical Research Organisation that offers clinical research services from concept to commercialisation.