Customized Clinical Research

Clinical Monitoring and Site Management
Clinical Trial Planning
Patient Recruitment

The success of a clinical trial regardless of the Phase depends on patient recruitment and retention. We will diligently work with our global patient recruitment team in enrolling and retaining patients for your trial. ClinPro Trials has specific customised data-driven patient and community outreach efforts which include:

eTMF Management

ClinPro Trials offer a robust solution to managing your eTMF which is the lifeline of your study and forms the basis of your inspection. Over 90% of TMFs are inadequate at the end of the study and results in delays of regulatory approval. ClinPro Trial will partner with you throughout the lifecycle of your clinical program to ensure that your TMF is robust and meets the documentation requirements for each phase. Therefore by the time you get to the end of Phase 3, your TMF will be inspection ready. We have experienced TMF experts who will work with you continually throughout each phase to review, and issue reports of gaps in the TMF so that these can be mitigated. ClinPro Trials endorses the use of a cloud-based integrated eTMF solution which provides visibility and accountability for all parties involved such as the sites, sponsors and us.

Medical Writing

ClinPro Trials medical writing team will partner with you to prepare your clinical protocols, CSRs and all other clinical reports and documents that you need. Our Medical Writer will work in partnership with the Medical Monitor as well has Clinical and Regulatory compliance experts in authoring and delivering accurate and compliant materials.